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So, my wife questions whether this page truly shows readers who I am. I asked her if she would help me fix the problem! So, the following is my blog post for January 12th and it serves as a follow-up to my interview with McClendon (Mac) Matthews, so readers should for sure know by the end of these questions who I truly am. Whitney is verbally asking me these questions from a collection of trusted websites and news sources such as Forbes, Elitedaily, Planetofsuccess.com, etc… Then, I will be typing my responses. Here we go!

  • What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Well, if you’re wanting to know who I thought was most talented I would surprisingly say Avenged Sevenfold who I saw live back in 2007 or 2008-I can’t remember. If you’re asking who the best entertainers are then the answer is clearly Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. Personally, the first time I saw Brand New I was in awe even though it was me and 2 of my best friends at some random venue in Pittsburgh and we could barely even see the band, because there was a wall in front of us.

  • Who influenced you as a child?

This is sort of a hard question and I actually plan to write a blog post for tomorrow (Jan. 13th) on how football helped preserve my life, so honestly a lot of my influences in my childhood were from the football community. Besides that I would say my Mom was a childhood hero for a variety of reasons, along with my Uncle Jamie, and also Bat Man.

  • If you could be a TV, movie, or book character who would you be and why?

Whenever I watch New Girl I sometimes wonder if I am actually Nick Miller he reminds me of myself a lot. In movies-going back to my previous answer to question number 2- I’d want to be Bat Man. In books-I’ve always really appreciated Professor Snape’s ability to trick everyone into thinking he’s a bad guy while all the while being the real hero of the story. Obviously, I would want to be like Jesus though above and against anyone else.

  • How did you meet your wife?

When I was 22 I got hired at Parkside Church to be a youth pastor. My wife was in college and was volunteering in the ministry, so I had a crush on her and began flirting with her whenever I got the chance. One night after youth ministry I asked her on our first date while we were saying good-bye to everyone in the parking lot.

  • What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened to you?

When I was 18 I was driving home late one night, and I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I couldn’t see perfectly well. A large animal walked out in front of my car. Now, I was on one of those windy and dark country roads coming around a bend when I only had a split-second to swerve, but had I swerved I would have literally gone off into the ditch and that would have been bad, so I just drilled the animal not knowing what kind of animal it was! By the time I stopped my car and caught my breath the large animal had run off! My car was all smashed in and the windshield had caved in on me so I knew it was a large animal. Come to find out it was a horse! Sadly, the horse did not survive.

  • Who was your favorite teacher/professor and why?

My favorite professor was Dr. Joel Williams at Cedarville University. He was my NT, Jesus and the Gospels, and Greek professor for 2 years. The reason I liked Dr. Williams so much was because he taught his class in a very personable manner. He was a tough professor, yet a fair professor. Also, he understood theology matters, but he wasn’t a jerk about it. His approach to the classroom was very pastoral and I learned a lot from him.

  • What’s your favorite food?

Obviously pizza! Especially from Chicago

  • Favorite color?


  • Favorite hobby?

Lifting weights.

  • Favorite holiday?

I like a lot of holidays. Being a Christian I would say Christmas and Easter are my two favorite. I’d say Thanksgiving is the most underrated holiday it really brings a lot to the table when you consider the amount of football and food involved. July 4th, 1776 was my favorite day in history besides the day Jesus resurrected from the grave, so that’s up there also.

  • Favorite place you’ve visited?

I’ve been to some cool places, but the best place for me is just blue-skied, white sand, clear water beachfront. The best experience of this I’ve had thus far was in Singer Island, Florida.

  • Favorite sports teams

Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals, Ohio State Buckeyes, Cedarville Yellow Jackets (just kidding I only went to one game for any sport when I was in college).

  • What sports did you do growing up?

I started out playing baseball. I got to a point where I literally couldn’t see the ball anymore so that sport didn’t work out too well for me. The sport I was best at was football. I also played basketball and ran track in High School, but football was my true love. When I got older I played rugby for my college.

  • When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

As a young kid I wanted to be a number of things:  police officer, rock star, went through a phase wanting to be a janitor (I would carry my screwdrivers and hammers around in the loop on my carpenter jeans). When I got into HS I thought I wanted to be in television so I entered a television program. I was alright with the writing side of things and the on-air portion of it, but I HATED post-production so I didn’t pursue this career when I was in college.

  • What is your family like?

I have a complicated family tree, but I’ll put it simply. My Mom and Step-Dad live in Springboro, OH. On that side of my family I have my older sister, Chelsea. Chelsea is married to my bro-in-law, Tony and they have two kids out in Missouri. I also have a step-sister named Olivia. On my other side of the family, my Dad is married to my Step-Mom and they live in Lebanon, Ohio with my younger brother, Brady. I also have two sisters who grew up with their Mom and they are both older and engaged to be married now, Ashley and Allison. Allison lives in Florida and Ashley is still a Buckeye.

  • Favorite movie series?

Not even a hard question… Star Wars without a doubt.

  • If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Probably New Zealand.

  • What is your favorite restaurant?

My wife and I love Burntwood Tavern in Solon, OH. This is like our small-town hang out we go to all the time. Besides that I would say anywhere that has a full-slab of ribs I can bash like Tony Roma’s or Arthur Bryant’s or Blazing Bill’s in Burton, OH.

  • What is your favorite ice-cream?

Either Mitchell’s Ice Cream’s cookie dough or Graeter’s Ice Cream’s cookies n’ cream.

  • What were the circumstances behind you converting to Christianity?

I first believed the Gospel of Jesus when I was 16 years old. I’ll spare some details, but there were some circumstances in my life at that time which caused me to be a relatively cold and rebellious teenager. I was dealing with some anger and general lostness. We all are like sheep who have gone astray it was just a little more obvious with me since I was rebellious in fairly obvious ways that I’m sure people who knew me back in High School can remember. Right in the middle of probably the most confusing time in my life I had an Uncle who took me out to lunch and just laid out the Gospel for me. It’s funny because when I was a kid I had gone to church and knew of the Christian faith, however, I never remembered having somebody tell me God loved me enough to send Jesus to live a perfect life, to die a sacrificial death, and to be raised from the dead so that I could be in relationship with God. God was working in my heart from that point on. The following Sunday I had some friends take me to church at Apex in Kettering, OH. The preacher was preaching a sermon on “making disciples,” and that is when it hit me like a ton of bricks that I am not a disciple but I wanted to be one! From that point onward my life has been changed so that I had a desire to actually follow Jesus and seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness. There have been a million things which have happened since that I can talk about another time, but those were the general circumstances surrounding my conversion to faith in Christ.

1 thought on “About Brandon F. Smith

  1. Debbie Carrier Biggs February 5, 2019 — 2:20 pm

    Oh Brandon, you have made my heart feel so happy and full of love for you.. Your story was beautiful and the questions you answered for all of us has definitely let us know who and what you are. I always thought you were a kind and gentle young man and your love of Christ shows thru your every word. You are an amazing young man keep up the good work. Your and your sister both are amazing young people, your mother did a wonderful job and thank the Lord for that Uncle that took you to lunch. Love, Debbie Biggs.


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