The 2019 Thinkchristiandaily movie awards!

Blogging can be tiring, especially when you begin your blog at 10:43 after a long day of ministry as I am doing now. Normally at this time I would begin a movie, but with the Academy Award nominations coming less than a week from today I’ve decided to use this opportunity to post a blog handing out the 1st annual Thinkchristiandaily Movie Awards!

Every year the Academy hands out awards for “Best picture,” and “Best actor”, etc, etc… The problem with their awards is they really only fit the criteria of Hollywood elite. Where are the awards resonating with the movie laymen like me? Well, look no further because thinkchristiandaily now offers the movie awards for the average Joe or Jane. Here we go…

  1. Weirdest Movie of 2019:  “Vice” If you’ve seen it you know what I mean. They tried to re-do “The Big Short” based on Dick Cheney, but it didn’t work quite as well.
  2. Most Unnecessary Movie:  “Uncle Drew” really Kyrie? It was funny for a minute but you thought you’d make a movie out of it? You ain’t Michael Jordan and it definitely ain’t “Space Jam.”
  3. Most Gospel proclaiming movie: “Unbroken: Path to Redemption” The book was good and the Angelina Jolie first attempt of telling the story of Louis Zamperini didn’t even tell the most amazing part of his story! So, this movie was necessary to tell the true power behind Zamperini’s heroism.
  4. Saddest movie of all time but also the best soundtrack: “A Star is Born.” This movie was honestly heart breaking and I was NOT ready for it! I will say the acting was incredible and the music was enjoyable, but man is it sad.
  5. Most Average Movie of 2019: “Solo” The acting was meh. The story was meh. The graphics were meh. The fight scenes were meh. Scoring it the most average meh rating of the year.
  6. Movie that was nothing like the trailers: “A Simple Favor” I watched the trailers for this and was excited to see this interesting dark thriller portrayed to be like a Christopher Nolan/Tarantino hybrid… Well, it wasn’t that. It was something, but it wasn’t that.
  7. Most Timeless: “Mission Impossible: Fallout” I say this with all kidding aside; Tom Cruise has not aged since 1999 and neither have his movies.
  8. Best action movie of 2019: “Black Panther” Hands down-not even close.
  9. Most stereotypical Christian Film: “I Can Only Imagine” It’s exactly what you’d expect a movie named after the song featuring Trace Adkins to be like.
  10. Least Christian Movie of 2019: “Bad Samaritan” I haven’t seen it, don’t know what it’s about, and never will see it, but look at the title.
  11. Can we just stop already film of 2019: “Halloween 234” I’m not actually sure how many of these they’ve made I’m just guessing it’s around 234? But, seriously why are they still making these movies? Michael Myers wouldn’t even be able to walk by now considering his hip and knee replacements and osteoporosis. Please just stop and be creative in coming up with something new!
  12. Funniest movie of 2019: “Game Night” Winston Bishop is in this movie so you know it’s funny.
  13. Still haven’t seen it, but one day I’ll get enough time to watch it eventually: “First Man” This is that movie that you kinda like wanna see, but there’s always something a little bit better-ya know?
  14. Most Manly: “The Equalizer 2” What is the only thing more manly than Denzel’s Equalizer 1? John Wick… But, Equalizer 2 is up there also.
  15. All around best movie of 2019: “Crazy rich Asians” I honestly loved this movie and thought it was as close to a perfect movie as someone can make. Go see it if you haven’t already!

Well, there you have it! The first annual thinkchristiandaily Movie Awards! Hope you enjoyed them and all back and forth banter on my selections is welcome. I put a lot of thought into this as it is now 11:18 and so I’m off to bed…. Or I might watch a movie.

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