My Favorite Super Bowl Moments From Right Off the Top of my Head

*** I’m sitting on a plane as I write this post with no internet connection so this is all off the top of my head.

Growing up in the U.S., and as a football player, it has never really mattered to me who is playing in “The Big Game.” The first reason this is the case is because I’m a Bengals fan, and they’ve never played in the game in my entire life. The second reason is because I just LOVE football, and what football lover doesn’t want to watch the two best teams in all of football battling it out on the sport’s biggest stage? It doesn’t matter who’s playing, I just love the Super Bowl! So, as I fly back from my little sister’s wedding (congrats Alex and Allison) allow me to recall and recount the greatest Super Bowl moments I can remember. I have this in chronological order-ish.

A. The earliest SB I can remember was the Cowboys game when corner-back Larry Brown made the play of the game by intercepting the ball and returning it back for a TD.

B. Ray Lewis stabbed someone… Literally, the dude stabbed someone. It was the one in Atlanta and I don’t remember all the details, but us Bengals fans never allowed him to live it down– I mean the guy killed a guy.

C. Rams-Titans– this is one of the greatest finished in sports history. I think it was Kevin Dyson whose outstretched arm fell just a bit short of winning a SB.

D. Janet and J.T. Everyone remembers this and it was “accidentally” insane.

E. Steelers vs. Cardinals. I hate the Steelers and love Kurt Warner, so this was a fun one to root for, but I was pretty bummed to see Ben and Hines come out on top over Kurt and Larry.

F. Fergie trying to cover “Sweet Child of Mine,” while Slash rocked out. Everyone talks about her ASG national anthem fail, but somehow this awful performance has been forgotten. Let me just remind you… It was bad– maybe not Draymond and Lebron clowning on national TV bad, but it was bad.

G. Eli to David Tyree. This is one of the most unbelievable sports moments I’ve seen live. When Eli escaped the pocket alive somehow he still had to get the ball downfield, so he threw up a prayer, and Tyree somehow trapped the ball in his helmet, and the rest is history.

H. What was Pete Carrol thinking? Why would you throw a one yard slant when you have Marshawn Lynch? They call him Beast Mode for a reason!

I. The Blackout. Remember how crazy this Super Bowl was, and this random blackout at the 49ers and Ravens game? Harbaugh might have a Super Bowl and have kept the job had this blackout not happened. Colin Kaepernick could have been a Super Bowl winning quarterback if this hadn’t happen, but now neither Colin or Harbaugh are even in the NFL. This blackout did a toll on the 49ers and helped the Ravens win the Super Bowl.

J. Remember the time Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl??? Bad QB on a team with Brooks, Sapp, Johnson, Alstott, and all kinds of greats. I think Dilfer is one of the QB’s who proves you don’t need an elite QB to win big-time games, but if that’s the case then your team has to be one of the best of all time if you want to win a Championship- it worked for the Bucs.

K. The time Eli freaking Manning won a 2nd Super bowl! Crazy that Marino won none, but Eli has 2.

L. Tom Brady—- If you’re my age then odds are your SB memories begin and end with Tom. What he has done in the playoffs is nothing short of remarkable and will not be duplicated.

M. Old Peyton wins while playing pretty terribly. That team was just freakishly good beginning with Von Miller. I believe any QB could have won that game considering Peyton could barely even walk at that point, but oh well, he rode off in the sunset after the game to finish his career with an exclamation!

N. The letter N is a good place to stop, because my favorite SB memory is actually Nick Foles. This guy was a backup Quarterback and he won the SB, and even caught a TD! Then the dude used his time in the national spotlight to tell America about his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God gave him an amazing platform to proclaim the goodness and love of Nick’s Savior, Jesus, and he boldly glorified and honored Christ repetitively on a National platform.

If you have a favorite Super Bowl memory post to the comments below and enjoy the game tonight! Go Rams!

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