Friday Fun Blog: My Top 10 Favorite Restaurants

I want to have a fun blog post for today since the last few days have been relatively heavy/serious. What better way to lighten the mood than with thinking about food? Here are my top restaurants separated by category…

  1. Let me start with my favorite type of restaurant: barbecue! I’ve had many good barbecue joints in my life, and I will say Blazing Bills in the middle of nowhere near Burton, OH is delicious; however, the best barbecue I’ve had comes from Montgomery Inn in Cincinnati. Montgomery Inn ribs are everything you could ever hope for and dream about in a meat dish. I would give a lot of money to have an unlimited amount of Montgomery Inn ribs.
  2. My second favorite type of restaurant is a good ole fashion burger n’ fries joint. It’s not hard for me to choose my favorite burger n’ fries- Flip Side! With locations in Hudson and Chagrin Falls, either location you choose gives you a very nice and vibrant community for you to enjoy your burger. These burgers are not for the fainthearted though! These burgers are enormous, and many of them come with outside of the box options as toppings. Also, their sweet potato fries are delicious- their onion rings are also superb. I’d suggest finishing your already diet busting meal with a milkshake.
  3. My third favorite type of restaurant is a pizza place. The best pizza in the world (objectively) comes from Chicago. Out of the Chicago pizzas I’ve had my favorite is Giordano’s. The deep dish style makes you feel like you are biting through a never ending slice of pizza heaven. They recently built one of these in Columbus, OH, so I’ve literally made stops there to eat on way to Dayton from Cleveland.
  4. Favorite sports bar. Roosters in Southern Ohio is my favorite Sports Bar. There are many good sports bars out there, and honestly I love chicken wings from many places. I have a great deal of respect for the all-you-can eat at Quaker Stake n’ Lube, but Roosters chicken wings have the most “bang for your buck.” These bad babies are loaded with meat and have a number of sauces you can choose from. Not to mention, there is something nostalgic about Roosters for me.
  5. Best sea food. The best sea food I’ve ever had came from a very nice oceanfront restaurant on Singer island in Florida, and it is called Bricktop’s. My wife and I went there for our anniversary last year, and besides the beautiful view alongside fancy yachts, the crab cakes were the best I’ve ever tasted. We also had seafood appetizers of various kinds, and I kid you not-they were ALL delicious. If you’re ever in West Palm Beach or Singer Island then head over to Bricktop’s.
  6. Best ethnic restaurant. I’m counting this category as Thai food, Chinese food, Middle Eastern, and etc. (I’m not including Mexican or Tex-Mex). My favorite ethnic restaurant is a good Brazilian steakhouse. The Brazilian steakhouse is Texas De Brazil. This is a meat-eaters paradise! You get a card, and you flip it to green, which means you want them to serve you from a plethora of different meats all you can eat! Then, after you’ve had your share you just flip your card over to red, and that’s how they know to stop serving you. It’s amazing!
  7. Best Mexican restaurant. I’ll be honest- I like Tex-Mex and fake Mexican more than the real stuff. My favorite Tex Mex is Rocco’s Tacos down in Florida. I’m not sure how many locations this place has, but i do know they have quite a few. They make guacamole for you table side, they offer a number of tacos and other entrees, and it really isn’t even all too expensive.
  8. Best chicken restaurant. This may surprise some folks, but the best chicken in my opinion comes from the cheapie but goodie Cane’s Chicken. There is nothing quite like a Caniac with an Arnold Palmer. This isn’t healthy at all so I don’t recommend you eat here often, but if you haven’t at least tried it then you’re missing out.
  9. Where to go when you’re wanting to eat healthy. I try to only go out to eat when it’s my cheat meal, so I don’t tend to go out to eat at healthy places, but whenever I want to eat healthy I go to Bibibop. Bibibop doesn’t have fried food, and if you go there intending to eat healthy it is certainly possible. Of course, there is a way to eat there which is incredibly NOT healthy, so the choice is all in your hands. If you haven’t been here then think of Asian Chipotle with free Meso soup. This place is also relatively inexpensive.
  10. My favorite place to get a sandwich… Dave’s Cosmic Subs. I think there locations are Hudson, Solon, Kent, and Chagrin Falls, but I could be leaving one out. Not going to lie, it was tough for me not to put the Philly Cheese steak from Penn Station on here, because I love it. It’s just that Dave’s has a wide variety of subs that are delicious + you can eat your sandwich with their delicious fries and also an Arnold Palmer. The owner of this place has it all decked out in hippie gear, so you can enjoy your sandwich while staring at memorabilia from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and many others.

There’s my top 10– now take somebody on a date or go hang out with a friend at one of these awesome spots and enjoy! If you go at my recommendation then tell me how you like it and I’ll tell you “I told you so!”

1 thought on “Friday Fun Blog: My Top 10 Favorite Restaurants

  1. ashleyingersoll March 4, 2019 — 10:36 am

    Brandon- you’re the man but your pizza taste is terrible. Manco and Manco for life.


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