Twas the night before surgery…

And all through my house

Not a creature was stirring

Because I can’t walk and my wife’s running an errand…

But, tomorrow begins the process of moving forward and past my ruptured achilles tendon injury. Last year, Demarcus “Boogie” Cousins of the Golden State Warriors tore his achilles and missed a year of basketball; he dubbed his comeback from injury “The Resurgence,” and in honor of him I am labeling my own comeback from injury “The Resurgence Part 2.” I might not have media attention or make millions of dollars as I rehab from my injury like Boogie, but I still want to help others process through their own current or future injuries by at least documenting how I’m processing and coping with my recovery while also providing some helpful thoughts or tips.

The first time I blogged about my injury was exactly a week ago, and then I blogged a tad bit of an update on February 9th, which was 3 days ago. If you go back and read those blog posts then you can see how I was feeling and processing what was going on at those times, and now I will share how I’m processing everything the day before the big surgery.

I actually am very excited to have surgery tomorrow. This is the first step forward (pun intended) in my recovery process. The last week or so has just been like being in limbo (Inception anyone?), because I have a noodle for a leg and nothing has actually been fixed to allow that leg to begin healing so it can function properly again. With surgery, I will have my tendon repaired, which reattaches my foot to my calf, and this will allow my leg to begin the healing process. The past 8 days have been a time of mourning, and I’ve been coping and dealing as best as I can through the grace of the Lord and the provision of His Holy Spirit, but I’m excited knowing tomorrow I leave limbo and begin the climb up the mountain of recovery. Please pray for me and my wife-pray for the surgeon-pray for no complications and an uneventful surgery.

Just because I’m excited about tomorrow doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the pain involved. Here is something I’ve been thinking about tonight, all true healing begins with something painful, and often times that even includes a wound; in an ultimate sense it certainly includes a wound. Jesus was “Pierced for our transgressions and crushed for our sins. The chastisement that brought us peace was upon him. And by his wounds we are healed.” Without Jesus’ body being broken and his blood being shed on our behalf, none of us could have the offer of healing and the forgiveness of our sins. We are told in Hebrews that “Where there is no bloodshed there is no forgiveness of sins.” Our world and each of us as individuals can only be healed because Christ bled and died for us on the cross.

When I take in the truth of the gospel it puts my own surgery and healing into perspective. In order for my leg to get better it must first suffer a wound-that wound will come in the form of having my flesh opened during surgery tomorrow, so the doctor can replace my tendon and stitch up whatever damage there is in my heel, ankle, and calf. Is this going to be painful? Yes! Will it be a really difficult next few days? I fully expect tomorrow through the end of the week to be pretty daggone difficult, but I know I must go through what is difficult before I have the hope of beginning the recovery process, so that I can eventually walk again, and then run again, and then by God’s grace be able to do everything I was doing before the injury once again.

The Resurgence Part 2 will not be a sprint to the finish line. This isn’t going to be a straight shot on flat ground, but instead I believe this is going to be a mountain climb on rocky terrain. I’m so thankful that Jesus climbed his own mountain, Calvary, all those years ago and because of this I know for certain that even though I’m in a valley right now, Jesus will take me by the hand and walk every step of my own mountain in recovery. I had a friend who emailed me this week and this is what he wrote, “Deep down it’s hard to stand at the bottom of the mountain and say ‘I’ve got to climb that? It’s going to be really hard.’ But, as we take steps forward in our recovery we can look over our shoulder and see how high we climbed and when we reach the summit it is like we want to say, ‘I climbed all that? God must be with me.”

I’m ready to climb, but on the night before surgery I know I must go through this painful surgery first, and I’m happy with that. I have felt the warmth and love of my church family so much in these past few days, and I could thank so many people who have taken the time to care for me and show me they love me. I have received a number of text messages, cards, phone calls, and social media messages from people who have just wanted to say, “I know this is hard for you and your wife, but we are here to pray for you and help you in whatever way we need you.” This week has been a tough week, but I can say definitively that God is humbling me and teaching me through what I’m going through.

Now I’m ready for “The Resurgence Part 2,” and on the night before surgery I’m thrilled to be able to say the first step towards recovery has arrived. You may not actually hear from me tomorrow (depends on how I’m feeling post-surgery, but if not then please pray for me and encourage me; I go in at 11. I’ll make sure I get a cool pic to update Thinkchristiandaily on Thursday if I don’t get around to it tomorrow. As for now-thank you all!.

With love,


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