Achilles Rupture Update

I know a lot of people have been following my injury and are even concerned about the status of my recovery. I want to write a blog to keep people up to date with what’s going on with me and my recovery that I’ve named after Demarcus Cousins’ own recovery #theresurgencepart2.

Almost a week ago I wrote one of my daily blog posts letting everybody know how excited I was about surgery. Since that surgery I have written one blog post (yesterday) letting everybody know what I’ve been doing as I’ve been on bed rest recovering from surgery. Now, I want to actually tell everyone what has happened in the surgery, since the surgery, and where I go from this point forward.

The surgery was quite an experience, but it fixed a fully ruptured achilles tendon. The rupture made my achilles like a line that had been cut in half and left two ends like a couple of frayed wires. So, when I went in for surgery on Wednesday they needed to first drug me up then give me anesthesia, and then the next thing I knew I was being awakened by a post-op nurse. I was told that the surgery went well, and I was given what seemed like a boat load of meds and sent home! The surgery was a nerve-racking experience, but my physician had no concerns about the repair to my fully torn achilles.
My recovery from achilles tear surgery began immediately as I literally woke up with a splint on my right leg. The first phase of recovery is just resting my leg and allowing it to heal. I’m not positive how many stitches are in my leg (since I still haven’t seen it), but I’m quite sure that it’s a large number, and I need those all to heal before I can even have a cast on my leg. These stitches apparently take 14 days to dissolve, and then I will go in on February 28th to get a hard cast on my leg. I actually am really excited to have a hard cast, because it will mean I can go out in public confident that I won’t somehow re-injure or mess up my already injured lower part of my leg in any way. I need to workout at home, and do as much as I possibly can from in my home until I get a hard cast, but once I have a hard cast I plan to go back to my gym and be in public much more! My mental and spiritual situation has gradually improved since its low point on Thursday night since I can honestly say a surgery and recovery like mine really takes a lot out of you. I want to thank my friends and family who have been incredibly encouraging throughout this entire time-God has used you all to be beacons of light pointing me in the right direction on a daily basis since last Wednesday.

Rehab from this point onward looks to be sort of long and drawn out. The plan is for me to be put into a hard cast on February 28th. The hard cast will need to remain throughout the month of March, so when Whitney and I head to Phoenix in March I will actually be going out there in a cast. The first week of April should be when that cast comes off and I begin to move around in a boot. Thankfully, a couple from our church has loaned me a scooter to move around with while I’m in a cast, but the plan is to begin trying to walk ASAP upon the removal of my cast. I will be going to PT throughout the month of April and as long as necessary so that I can begin to walk again and moving towards getting back to doing everything I was doing before the injury. My goal is to be jogging and doing leg lifts in June-which will be about 4 months post achilles rupture.

I understand the timeline ahead of me is relatively long and some might find the recovery to be somewhat dramatic; however, I’m completely confident that God will renew me and grant me what I need to be able to trust in Him throughout this entire process. I have already been frustrated at times, and I know those times will continue, but I’m already beginning to learn patience and some endurance in my current trial which will help me as I move forward. I have no idea how these next few months are going to actually end up going, but I do trust God will help me no matter what. Please continue to pray for me, my wife, and my healing. My greatest ask is that I will actually learn lessons from all of this-I ask that God will teach me to trust in His timing-I ask that He will continue to teach me to find strength in weakness.

Thank you for all your encouragements, help, and prayers,


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