Friday Fun Blog: What’s on your office desk? Why?

I’ve been doing Friday Fun blogs for Thinkchristiandaily. Why am I doing these? TO HAVE FUN! It’s perfectly alright for you not to take yourself too seriously at times. As the book of Ecclesiastes reminds us: there is a time for everything-a time for sadness, a time for happiness, a time for sleep, a time for working hard, a time for being serious and down to business, but why not have one day a week at Thinkchristiandaily to just have some fun? So, here is this week’s Friday Fun Blog– “What’s on your office desk and why?”

Capital One credit cards always have Jennifer Garner asking “What’s in your wallet?” They ask this because you and me obviously keep some of our most important items in our wallets. Well, when you are at work you tend to keep the things you need most readily accessible right on your desk! Now that I can’t walk I especially make sure my desk has on it everything I will need to make it through the day. I tend to be an “organized chaos” type of guy, so I’ll admit I have more on here than I really should, but there’s a method to the madness. So here we go- what’s on my desk and why right now…

Bible: Everyday when I leave work I open my bible to what I will be reading in the morning when I arrive. Why do I do this? So that the very first thing I see when I walk into my office every morning is the most important and pressing thing of that morning– what Scripture will I read to begin my day. Throughout the day, I need my bible at many different times, but I put it right at the center of my desk because it is the most important thing on my desk.

Computer: My computer is probably the second most important thing on my desk, because I use it to write all of my teaching and preaching. I use it to respond to the many emails I get throughout the day. I use it for research and a whole host of other reasons. As a pastor, I find having a good laptop a very important resource for accomplishing my work in an efficient way.

Tissues: You’re going to need tissues at some point right? Plus, what if I’m counseling somebody in my office and they begin to tear up? It’s appropriate to have tissues for that person.

Water pitcher: I keep a pitcher of water on my office desk at all times. I drink water all day long and you should too if you want to live a healthier life. I don’t drink soda, juice, tea, or any of that other stuff; I only drink coffee and water-which leads me to the next item on my desk.

Yeti: A yeti is not a NEED, but it is a high priority WANT. I use my yeti to drink both coffee and water. If you don’t have a yeti then get you one, because mine can keep coffee warm for literally hours!

Office Phone: I use my office phone for work-related calls. It’s OK to take some calls on your cell phone, but there are some calls you certainly should only take at your office phone. I receive and store voicemails on my office phone, I use it to set up weddings/funerals, I make hospital calls on that phone, and many other church related phone calls.

Reading Lamp: If you’re going to be reading a lot during the day then you are going to need a good reading lamp. I currently have 15 books on my desk, and so I obviously read a lot throughout my work day.

Books: Here are the books I currently have on my desk.

  • Job commentaries: I teach two books of the Bible each week. I’m currently teaching Job for my life group which meets at 9:45 on Sunday mornings at Parkside. I’m currently reading 4 different commentaries each week to accompany my own studies and research. These 4 commentaries are “Job” by Richard Belcher, “Job: The Wisdom of the Cross:” by Christopher Ash, “Crying out for Vindication,” by David Jackson, and “How to Read Job” by Tremper Longman and John Walton.”
  • Hebrews Commentaries: The other book of the Bible I’ve been teaching through has been Hebrews. I am nearing the end of teaching Hebrews for our young adults group, Transit, which meets every Wednesday night at the Loft, which is Parkside’s offsite facility used mostly for youth and young adults. Hebrews has been a wonderful book for my personal life, but I’ll admit teaching it all the way through is quite the challenge. Here are the commentaries on my desk right now in order of helpfulness for me: Al Mohler’s commentary on Hebrews from the “Christ Centered Exposition” series, John Owen’s Hebrews commentary from “The Crossway Classics,” Donald Guthrie’s Hebrews commentary, and Raymond Brown’s Hebrews commentary.
  • Biblical Eldership by Strauch: I’ve been reading through this very slowly as an excursion into the theology behind a biblical, rather than pragmatic, view of biblical eldership.
  • Devoted to God by Sinclair Ferguson: The elders at my church study a section of this book at each of our bi-monthly elders meetings.
  • God’s Wisdom for Navigating Life by Tim Keller: This is just a little devotional that breaks up a piece of the wisdom literature to read for each day. I highly recommend getting this book if you are looking for devotional material.
  • Books in line for reading: Knowing God by Packer, Apologetics by Frame, and The Callings: The Gospel in the World” by Paul Helm. I keep these on my desk as a reminder to hurry up and finish all the other books I’m reading so I can get to these ones!

Prayer Requests: each week, my lifegroup has prayer request sheets that get put on my desk on Monday mornings. I keep these requests on my desk so I can pray through them throughout the week.

Letters written to my church: Sometimes people write letters to Parkside regarding ministries I oversee. I keep some of these letters on my desk for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s for encouragement, sometimes it’s because there are issues I need to make sure I remember to address, and sometimes it’s because I just haven’t filed them yet :).

A DVD series on adoption: I have this series on my desk right now I guess for a few reasons. The biggest reason if because adoption is important! We are commanded in the book of James that “Pure and undefiled religion is care for widows and orphans in their affliction.” So, we as Christians have a call to reach out to widows and orphans. The other reason I have this particular DVD on adoption on my desk is because it gives help and guidance for how to do adoption ministry in the local church. I oversee our adoption ministry at Parkside, and it is a beneficial and tough one. I need all the help I can get! So, I have this DVD at the forefront of my mind.

Prayer Calendar: Each month, my church prints a prayer calendar and I keep it right out in front of me at all times. I do this so that I never forget to pray for the people in that prayer calendar. Each day I can pray for a specific person, or group of people, and a specific country. Today, my church is praying for Chris and Leanne Harrington who are missionaries in japan. We are also praying for Djibouti, which is a country in Africa.

Thank you notes: I’m blessed to receive encouragement from my congregation on a consistent basis. I have a few thank you cards on my desk at all times which serve as encouragement to me in my gospel ministry.

Old papers I probably should have filed a long time ago: I am not good with files-just ask my wife! For some reason, God made my brain a bit scattered, and I lack in the organization category. My hope and prayer is that I will grow in this area, but I must admit that I have old papers on my desk right now that need to be filed. I have to be honest!

Fliers for the Basics Conference 2019: My church holds a conference every year in May. I currently have fliers for our conference with Alistair Begg, Rico Tice, and Andy Gemmill… If you want a flier just ask… I have plenty on my desk!

2 note pads: I do have a pretty good memory, so I don’t need to take notes as often as a lot of people, but there are many times throughout the day when note-taking is certainly necessary. I have phone calls when I need to take notes on what the person is telling me, or I watch lectures or sermons when I need to remember something, or sometimes I just have random ideas of sermon outlines or illustrations to write out. So, I keep 2 note pads on my desk at all time for note-taking. One is a small pad for small notes, and one is a large pad for large notes.

Well, that’s it-that’s everything on my desk. I’m not sure what all this says about me? Maybe one of you psychologically minded folks have some sort of explanation that goes beyond what I could provide, but from what I see it’s just that I keep the most pressing things right in front of me on my desk at all times. This allows me to never have to wonder “Where’s that thing I need?” Because, basically every important thing I need is right there in front of me at all times! Once that thing becomes no longer as important, then I file it or put it on my book shelf, and I replace it with the new pressing item.

Happy Friday Fun Day everyone! Back to being serious tomorrow; I guess we’ll start calling those days “Serious Saturdays?” (NAH!)

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