2 months of blogging down! 20 Insights for TCD


For thinkchristiandaily’s 2 month anniversary I chose to do something exciting. So, for you to hear the 20 insights and facts from the 2 month existence of TCD- just click the link above. That link will take you to the Podcast page for TCD. Or, you can click the link below which will take you directly to the episode titled “2 months of blogging down! 20 Insights for TCD. Enjoy!

Click here!

If you don’t have time for a full length podcast (it’s 14 minutes long) then check out the list of its content below:

  1. I haven’t lost my voice. Maybe you thought this would die out, but it hasn’t and it isn’t going to. Over 2,000 views and at 600 unique IP visitors this train ain’t slowing down.
  2. My most intimate writings have earned the most likes.
  3. Word count can and should fluctuate based on the material you are writing.
  4. Good titles and descriptions are crucial for blogging.
  5. Have fun! Do a youtube video like I did on Feb. 25th… Do a podcast like I am today.
  6. January 8th is still my most viewed day of the year. Let’s change that in March!
  7. The most trafficked day of Feb. was the 5th- the day I wrote about rupturing my achilles tendon.
  8. The slowest day of Feb was the 20th when I gave myself the day off. Sometimes a writer needs to chill and take a day off.
  9. TCD has a reach far and wide. In Feb., TCD was read in 10 different countries! My top foreign viewership currently is in Ireland.
  10. Instagram is key to blog viewership. Almost a third of all my views are referred by IG.
  11. The most trafficked week of Feb. was Feb. 4-10.
  12. The most read post of Feb. was my sister, Chelsea George’s guest blog, “Being fit in 2019: An every woman how to…” It was posted Feb. 2.
  13. The second most read post was “Well, I ruptured my achilles tendon,” from Feb. 5th.
  14. Tied for third was “Guest blog on the Trinity,” by Tyler Sherron and “Twas the night before surgery,” posted on Feb. 12th.
  15. The top 5 posts of all time are now… “Being fit in 2019: an everywoman how to (Feb. 2),” “So, like what’s the deal with all your tattoos (Jan. 11),” “Well, I ruptured my achilles tendon (Feb. 5),” “New year new priorities (Jan. 5),” “Be fit in 2019: theologically primarily bodily secondarily,” tied with “About Brandon F. Smith.”
  16. I’ve written 2 separate blog posts on the issue of abortion and both have received relatively a lot of interest.
  17. When blogging-stay committed-pick a task-pick a target and stay with it.
  18. Write for you AND your readers.
  19. Write what YOU want to write.
  20. Ask God to use you in the lives of your audience for His glory.

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