I’ve Blogged Daily for 3 Months & Learned One HUGE Thing

When I started this blog on January 5th of this year I didn’t really know what I was doing. I thought maybe I’d write weekly, maybe twice a week, but ultimately I landed on blogging on a daily basis. As I tried to figure out how I was uniquely gifted to blog, I was flirting with what I consider “clickbait” articles. Clickbait articles are those cute ones that you complete in a sloppy fashion, but because you’re writing about interesting topics and using catchy headlines you get a lot of clicks. This sort of blogging went on through February, but beginning in March I realized my voice in the blogosphere is not equipped for clickbait type material. What I’ve done for the month of March is I’ve ditched writing these sorts of articles, and replaced them with as thought provoking and theologically accurate of articles as I possibly can. I’m going to continue to occasionally write what amounts to a “fun blog,” but for the most part I will be continuing to write as I did in the month of March for the remainder of my year long daily blogging excursion. Speaking of March-let’s take a look at the trends of Thinkchristiandaily for the month of march.

Just to be clear… March was a bit of a different sort of month for TCD considering I took a total of 11 days off from writing on the blog! I promise to try and not have such a thing happen again, but the absences were meaningful, and I feel prepared to write every single day for the month of April. Even still, TCD had tons of hits and trends in March, so let’s look at the top 10 of em…

  1. In March, TCD had 770 hits and has 2,832 in 3 months.
  2. In March, viewers from 6 different countries viewed TCD. Canada and the U.K. were the highest represented outside of the United States.
  3. TCD collabed for the first time with an outside Podcast and was featured by “Book It” with Jonny Thiede.
  4. The Google search that led people to TCD more than any other for the month of March was the term “2019 concerns for Christians.”
  5. The most clicked pages for TCD visitors was for the podcasts by Thinkchristiandaily. If you haven’t heard any of these then take the time to search “thinkchristiandaily” on your Apple podcasts, Spotify, or Anchor.
  6. The most views for TCD in March were from March 4th through the 10th.
  7. The most read blog of March was “My Utmost Concern for Millennial Christians.” You can read that here: https://thinkchristiandaily.blog/2019/03/24/my-utmost-concern-for-millennial-christians/
  8. There were 44 responses to the blog titled “I need your help! Answer these polls today!” So, a big thank you for everyone who responded to my first ever use of “feedback” on WordPress.
  9. The second highest viewed blog post of March was “New book ‘Counsel for Couples’-Jonathan Holmes.” Go out and read Jonathan’s book because it is well worth your time. You can read my review here: https://thinkchristiandaily.blog/2019/03/06/the-greatest-christian-podcast-that-nobody-ever-listened-to/
  10. My least read blog post from March was “Why did you become a pastor?” I guess for some reason people just didn’t want to hear the answer-ha!!? If you just missed that article then you can read it here: https://thinkchristiandaily.blog/2019/03/25/why-did-you-become-a-pastor/

As I head into April I’ve learned to be done with the clickbait, but why? Well, let me give some advice for my fellow-bloggers on why I think clickbait articles and blogposts are cheap and lazy.

  1. Lazy, scrapped together, and lacking in thought articles aren’t good for your readers. What you and I have to offer in our writing is whatever we are most expertly able to speak to. Each person has that one thing in their life that they have totally devoted and committed their time to. Day in and day out they live seeking for this one thing. As a christian, I live each second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year for the sake of loving God and enjoying Him forever. I don’t believe in experts in the field of following God, but I do believe God trains up those passionately seek Him and He grants us insight from His Word that can and should be shared with the world. Thinkchristiandaily is literally a blog written by a millennial for the sake of helping millennials to allow a biblical worldview to shape the way they think about their daily lives and the world around them. It is because I am uniquely able and qualified to speak to this group of people as somebody who is a millennial myself, a pastor for young adults in the local church, a connoisseur of biblical theology, and somebody who cares passionately about being transformed by the renewal of our minds (Rom. 12)- that I am able to have content that is good for my readers. For meaningful blog posts I recommend every single blogger find that thing that they are able to speak to uniquely, and then commit yourself to writing meaningful, thought provoking, and worldview pushing articles for your readers based on whatever “that” thing is.
  2. Writing clickbait blogs are not good for you, the writer. Human beings were created by God with the ability to think rationally and also communicate, so we are being more fully human when we do both well. If you are content with collecting hits on your blog and not actually thinking deeply about your topics then you are also content with not committing yourself to deeply rational thought. Why would you settle for less than your capacity to think? It just doesn’t make sense! God is a communicating God who has created humans in His image, and so we therefore have the ability to communicate well. If you are a blogger then my guess is you are even a talented writer which means you of all people have the ability to not only think deeply, but also to write creatively and communicate as clearly as possible. Clickbait articles are under-prepared, usually sloppy, and lacking in research. You are better than that! Think deeply and communicate effectively– this obviously means you gotta ditch clickbait.
  3. If you use clickbait then sure you’ll get the hits but you’ll lose your voice over time. There is one very heavily followed and frequently read blog on the internet that actually started as a thought-provoking blog, but the writer has completely lost his voice and now all his posts are gimmicky and shallow. Yea, he has wayyyyy more followers than me, and he even makes money off his blog (I have not yet-:)), but this particular blogger has lost his ability to use his voice to speak to the issues he truly wants to write about; he has become a prisoner to his gimmicky, clickbait style that he is now so well known for. I don’t ever want to become that sort of a blogger and the online blogging community will be better off if you don’t become like that either.

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