What to do about writer’s block?

I know a very wise man who likes to say, “Anybody can say something but not everyone has something to say; and there’s a difference.” Touche to that sir, however, as a writer I know the same is true for writers; “Anybody can write something but not everyone has something to write all the time!” If your favorite basketball player just didn’t have it due to some injury then you wouldn’t want him wasting minutes on the floor, and in a similar way you may read wonderful writers, but if they just don’t have it in them to write a good piece on a certain day or on a certain topic then you’d just rather them not waste your time. Today I am that writer who has legitimate writer’s block! If I’m honest, I just don’t have it in me today to produce worthwhile content for you guys, so I want to address the most pressing question that I’m able to legitimately address at the moment, “What to do about writer’s block?” I’m not suggesting I’ve totally mastered this terrible issue, but I believe I have a few helpful tips, and I hope these are encouraging to my fellow writers. Here are 5…

  1. Wait: Literally just don’t write at all. Go read the news, eat some food, watch a movie, go to work, make a phone call, just don’t write. You will find that in your daily routine you naturally process through events and subjects, and then all of a sudden the block is gone. Some of the best topics to write on are brought up just through mundane daily activity.
  2. Evaluate your sleeping and eating: Like any other work, your writing will be impacted by a lack of sleep or unhealthy eating. If you are going to have your mind functioning as properly as possible then you need to be honest about evaluating your sleeping and eating to see if maybe your writer’s block is a direct result of your poor lifestyle choices.
  3. Rest: Maybe you’re burnt out… The worst thing to do when your car is running on fumes is to not refill the tank. You will break down and have to push your car to the nearest gas stations. In a very similar way, the worst thing to do when your body and/or mind are running on fumes is to not allow yourself the necessary break to re-fuel. This may mean taking a vacation, or taking a significant amount of time off, or only taking a day or two off, but get your mind right and don’t run yourself into a breakdown.
  4. Invite guest bloggers: I have not utilized this tool effectively yet, so I’m not acting like I’ve got this figured out, but guest bloggers can spark more conversation. When another person offers their ideas for your blog you can then do follow-ups based off their content!
  5. Try something different to help you get out of the funk: What is the definition of insanity (according to the old saying)? It’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. When Markelle Fultz lost his shot it would have been insane for him to continue trying to shoot the ball the same way over and over again; he needed something different to mix it up! If your routine becomes broken, and you have legitimate writer’s block then don’t continue trying to do the same thing the same way over and over again, but find something different to mix it up. Only you can answer how you are uniquely gifted to mix it up, but I would suggest exploring photography, interviewing, podcasts, Youtube videos, social media posts, a quick reader poll, or some sort of contest for your readers.

Well, as I said, I have writer’s block today. I’m going to take my own advice and rest my mind. I’ll be back tomorrow and hopefully the block is gone! Til then, I hope we all can read, study, and rest, and in all of this I hope we all can find motivation and inspiration for our writing.

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