I’ve owned a few cars but only one hit a horse and survived

I was at a car dealership yesterday (Monday) test driving some trucks. I didn’t buy one, but I got cleared to drive (from my achilles) for the first time in 2 and a half months, so I celebrated by dreaming I owned a powerful 4X4… Anyways, it brought back memories of all the cars I’ve owned at one point in time or another. Here is the list that I can remember:

A 1989 Dodge Dakota: This was my first car and it was a beast.

A 1993 Ford Probe: I still laugh looking back on this car. It was SO small,but it had like 2 12’s and a 10 in it, so the ground shook whenever I turned up the music.

A 95 Buick Park Avenue: This thing drove like a boat.

A 1991 Toyota pick-up: This thing was so old they didn’t even call them Tacoma’s yet.

A 1996 Toyota Corolla: This one literally blew up when I was driving down the highway one day– blown head gasket.

A 1995 Honda Civic: More on this one in a minute (keep reading)

A 2005 Honda Civic: His name was Fernando

A 2018 Honda Civic: This is my current car that I just bought last year and it’s a wonderful car… If you’re thinking of buying a Civic, you should, and Honda should pay me money for free advertisement on my blog.

ANYWAYS…. Let me point out that I’ve owned 8 different cars in 12 years, but I’ve only been in one accident and that accident happened in a 1995 Honda Civic that earned the name “Beast Mode,” because of its incredible perseverance and endurance… Let me explain…

In 2009, I had just graduated high school and my Mom allowed me to borrow her 1995 Honda Civic (I don’t remember why I needed to borrow her car). Well, I drove home late that night– went down the same back roads I had gone down a million times to get to my Mom and Step-Dad’s house. But, all of a sudden, as I was cruising around a bend I noticed a large figure that wasn’t supposed to be in the middle of the road. I didn’t have much time to react so I braced myself and then “BOOM!” I had hit something, or better yet, I had been hit. I was in utter disbelief, I caught my breath, stopped the car, put it in park, turned around and there was nothing in the road…. Confused, I called the cops and told them I had just gotten into a wreck with an animal that looked like a horse, but I didn’t actually see a horse in the road. Then, I sat there and I waited…

When I stood up and got out of my car I took inventory of the damage. The windshield had caved in, but somehow I had no glass stuck in me anywhere. The doors on the driver side were both smashed in, but somehow I was fine. The horse beat my car up pretty bad, but for some reason the airbag didn’t go off??? When the cops finally arrived they informed me that I did indeed hit a horse. I regrettably inform you all that the horse did not have as happy of an ending to the story as my Honda Civic. Whenever I tell people this story they comment on the “poor horse,” but what they fail to realize is that I could have literally been killed by hitting a gigantic horse with a tiny Civic, but the fact I had no cuts, wounds, or breaks was actually quite remarkable and nothing less than the grace of God.

Here is my point, out of all the cars I’ve owned (8 in total I think we said), this Honda Civic was my favorite, and serves as a microcosm for the Christian life. That wreck happened in 2009 when the car was already 14 years old! Well guess what… We re-built that little Civic and it lasted my family and me another 7 years! I didn’t get ride of “Beast Mode” until we traded it in for my wife’s current car in 2016– when “Beast Mode” was 21 years old… That car was old enough to have a beer with me, had literally survived a wreck with a horse, and when I sold it-it was still going to run for probably another 60,000 miles! Heck, three years after getting rid of it I bet somebody is driving that thing somewhere today! I realize and am fully aware that it’s just a car, but it earned the name “Beast Mode” for a reason. I named it “Beast Mode” after Marshawn Lynch, who, if you know anything about the game of football, you will know that Marshawn has been well-known for his awe inspiring runs. He has had a way of turning what would be a negative 1 gain for almost any other runningback into an incredible 60 yard touchdown where he breaks 12 tackles. That little Honda Civic had the same tendency as Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch, it should have been down and out, but somehow that little car just kept going and going and going; breaking tackles; juking defenders; and like the energizer bunny it just seemed to never run out.

Take this blog as me writing about all the cars I’ve owned, telling a great story that happened to me a decade ago, but also as a cheesy yet effective devotional for the Christian life. Jesus tells us that we will be hated in this life, but take heart because He has overcome the world! We celebrated this wonderful truth with Good Friday and Easter this past weekend. Yes, Jesus was rejected by His own people and crucified, but “Death could not hold him down; he is the risen king; seated in majesty.” So for followers of Christ we can say, “O sin where is your victory? O death where is your sting?” Because Jesus has conquered the grave we now as Christians have been granted the Holy Spirit who effectively takes on the hits of the evil one, and carries us forward until the day we die or Jesus returns. Our Christian lives, therefore, shadow my little Honda Civic’s existence in many ways. We sin against God and often cause bad wrecks. Or, we just aren’t paying attention and we hit something. Or, maybe it’s not our fault but something still causes damage to us. But, by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, we who are in Christ have all that we need for life and godliness. We actually can, by the grace of God, press on towards the goal of the upward calling in Christ Jesus. No matter if you hit a bump, or a large animal, no matter if it was your own sin or some sort of a trial that has come up in your life, God will never allow your engine to stop running, and He is the fuel you need to keep running the race of faith. The pay-off is far greater than you or I could ever imagine. Sometimes the journey is extremely difficult, but our hope and our strength comes from Christ alone. I’m not saying you and I should be “Beast Mode” in our Christian walks, but I am suggesting that God is the one who enables you to carry on from the moment of faith all the way until we are with Christ in heaven for eternity.

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