Why people do or don’t read your blog

As blog writers we all probably write all the time. I’m guessing you grew up writing, and eventually you used what you always do (writing) to express your passion on a blog, right? Maybe you watch your stats closely and your experience has been that people just keep reading and reading and reading your posts. If that is you then great, enjoy it! Maybe you are somebody who writes a blog that basically nobody reads at all. If that is you then that is fine too; it may be that your writing helps you and so I would encourage you to keep writing. For most of us we write and become perplexed, maybe even frustrated by our stats. When we write something we are very passionate about and feel is very good not many people read it! When we write some clickbait we scrapped together in 20 minutes people love it! So we might get frustrated wondering why in the world do people read the easy stuff, but stay away from the hard stuff? Maybe you just have no idea why people do or do not read your blog! Here is my take on why people do and why people don’t (I’ll provide 10 reasons for each)….

Why people DO read your blog:

  1. Because they love you. This is why my Mom reads my blog.
  2. Because they think you’re interesting. You may not be an Instagram influencer, but for some of your readers you are an influencer of sorts.
  3. Because they want to think more about your topic. Each of us blog writers have a topic we write about most. For some of us it’s writing, for some it’s news, for others it’s sports; for me it’s Christianity. It is no secret that this is a blog that encourages believers and non-believers to “Think Christian daily….” The tag-line for my blog is “Thinking about the world daily so Christ can shape our worlds daily….” People who come to my blog often do so because of my topic, and my topic is Jesus and what life is like because Christ lived, died, was raised, ascended to the right hand of God the Father, and will return one day.
  4. Because you wrote a particularly interesting blog post. Maybe your blog posts aren’t always interesting, but one of them is!
  5. Because you’re controversial. We live in the activist generation. Many people are “triggered” these days, and they read blogs as fuel for their fire.
  6. Because you’re a clickbait blogger. I’m not passing judgment I’m just pointing out some facts. Some of the most viewed blogs should be some of the least viewed blogs, because the content is little more than clickbait articles that don’t cause us as humans to think critically. It’s not wrong if you read or write these blogs I’m simply suggesting many bloggers get traffic based on their marketing abilities rather than their writing abilities.
  7. Because you take really good pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  8. Because you have designed your blog very well.
  9. Because you do free give-aways. You give away books, pens, T-shirts, etc.
  10. Because you have learned the art of reader interaction. Delilah became a famous radio personality because she is the radio queen of fan interaction…. Many bloggers are really gifted at interacting with their readers, and so people keep coming back for more!

Why people DON’T read your blog

  1. You ever seen that movie “She’s just not that into you?” Yea, well a big reason why people don’t read your blog is because they’re just not that into YOU.
  2. Your blog posts are boring. You may be an expert in your field but you just don’t do a good job of articulating all that you hold within your brain.
  3. You don’t interact with your readers. You don’t know how to make people feel involved…. I struggle with this too but we need to be able to admit when this happens.
  4. People aren’t interested in your topic. Maybe you’re writing about a topic that people just don’t really care about. Maybe your niche is just too small.
  5. You’re ranting! There is a difference between thought-provoking blogging and just going on a rant. The unfortunate reality is that rant blogs have given all bloggers a bad name, but it shouldn’t be so that only the few earn the reputation for the many. My personal opinion is that if you’d like to rant then start a twitter page and stop giving bloggers a bad name. Another, better option would be for you to know that “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks,” according to Jesus, and so examine your heart and it will change the words you type when you blog– then people may listen to what you have to say and read your blog.
  6. You’re not an influencer. It just isn’t your personality to lead in a way that people want to follow, and so your blog readers will be few and far between. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that! Keep writing! Not everyone is going to have thousands of readers a day.
  7. You’re not original in your posts. Maybe you’re just writing the same thing over and over again with different words.
  8. Your site is not aesthetically pleasing. I also struggle with this one…. Most of us are either really good at visual marketing and rhetoric and not as good of writers/researchers, or we are really good at writing and researching but not so good at design. The simple fact is that no matter how good your content is people are attracted to what looks good.
  9. You’re not giving yourself proper breaks, and so your writing has grown tired and stale. People can tell when you’re heart’s not in it, and they don’t like it.
  10. Because people don’t know about your blog…. It may just be that the word isn’t out there. So, you can either try and get the word out or you can keep writing and hope somebody discovers you. Either way, I’d say keep writing.

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