MAY DAY! 20 Things about 4 months of TCD!

I have a lot of new followers at TCD from the past couple of weeks, so if you haven’t been following my blogging journey since it began on January 5th of this year then you will not know that I update my readers with some tidbits of factual information at the end of every month. Today is May Day! I can’t believe I’m in the 5th month of daily blogging, and what an adventure it has been so far… Here are the 20 things after 4 months of Thinkchristiandaily.

  1. April was weird— It was weird because I had less overall views but a substantially higher number of visitors. My thought is maybe I’ve learned to cut down on how many home page views my readers are making, and so this could account for the higher number of visitors and lower total views.
  2. 25 posts were published in the 30 days of April, and that is compared to 20 posts in 31 days in March.
  3. 16 different times did a TCD reader come to my page because of a referral from a search engine. That’s not bad considering I’m on the personal blogging plan so I don’t pay for help in this regard… Just imagine if I had a sponsor-that number would shoot up!
  4. TCD had readers from 9 countries in April. Spain was the most represented country outside of the U.S.
  5. People who searched for “Dave Grohl’s religion,” “The Gospel Coalition,” and “Abortion debates,” all ended up at TCD in April.
  6. April 15-21st was the most well read week of TCD.
  7. The most read/listened to blog post of April was TCD’s first ever Q and A. The questions were gathered on April 13th and were answered on the 15th.
  8. The least read post of April was “What to do about writer’s block” from April 10th.
  9. The highest rated posts from April were “The Gospel Coalition: 5 main takeaways,” written on April 4th, and also “Celebrate the Milestones in your Marriage,” from April 17th.
  10. The most liked post of April was “Why people do or don’t read your blog,” from April 29th.
  11. Since January 5th, I’ve now published 150,000 words for TCD, which is the equivalent to 2 average length books. So, if a publisher would like to pay me to write a book hit me up @thinkchristiandaily
  12. My average daily post is 1,555 words…. I thought about this, and my average teaching is about 4,000 words. I teach twice a week so that’s 8,000 words. I write 6 posts a week, so that means I’m averaging writing 17,330 words per week right now. This means I am writing the equivalent to the average book every single month. I begin my schoolwork again in 2 weeks, so this number will shoot up even further!
  13. I have now published 97 posts in 2019.
  14. My most used tags have included, “Christian,” “Church,” “thought,” “theology,” and “thinkchristiandaily.”
  15. My most views in April came on April 15th.
  16. The least viewed TCD day in April was April 19th- I took the day off that day.
  17. In regards to the less views in April, well they say “April showers bring May flowers….” So, I believe the content was better in April, and I believe it just means I’ll get more views in May than I did in April.
  18. I’m beginning to see the wisdom in giving yourself a set day off per week. I’m not yet sure what day I would set as my day off, but I think this is something I will begin to do in the month of May– I’ll announce it whenever I come to that decision.
  19. I’m beginning to like the idea of doing “Thinkchristianweekly” in 2020. Imagine 1 long post per week…. That’s what 2020 is looking like in my mind.
  20. It’s time for me to branch out into interviews, live podcasts, and other interesting ideas like guest bloggers. Look out for more of these sorts of blog posts in the days and weeks ahead.

Thank you for reading Thinkchristiandaily! I’ve enjoyed this blog more than you all could even know and appreciate. This has been a good place for me to think deeply about important things each day. Jesus transforms us by the renewing of our minds, and this is a daily process as we move closer to Him and we grow in Christ-likeness. We need to bring to bear the truth of God’s Word into our daily lives, so I’ve been so encouraged by being able to do this while being held accountable here at TCD. I hope you all are enjoying this blog as much as I am.

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