The reason I haven’t been posting on TCD lately

So, I’m sure readers of TCD have noticed a lack of content being pushed from this blog website. There is a reason! I noticed a significant spike in bot activity on my blog and it freaked me out. I’ve been doing a lot of research about bots, and the good bots vs. the bad bots, and I’ve realized now that over half of all internet traffic comes from bots! I had no idea of this before I started this blog. Of that bot activity over half of that is bad bots as opposed to good bots. Bad bots seek to steal our information for various purposes. So, I’ve contemplated deleting all my content from TCD and starting over, I’ve contemplated deleting this website altogether, but there are a few takeaways for me personally as I’ve thought through this whole issue.

  1. I don’t make any money off this site anyways so there’s not money to be stolen. This is just a personal blog that nobody is actually advertising, so even if somebody wanted to steal from this site there is no way they could. So while of course hackers could always hack into our bank accounts and steal from us, and this does happen all too frequently in our society the fact of the matter is that writing on this blog does not increase the risk of me having money stolen since this website doesn’t produce any monetary value.
  2. If a bot wants to maliciously steal my content then what they are stealing is Gospel content. So you want to take my content and post it on the dark web or the black market? You want to try and plagiarize my writing and pass it off as your own to steal my internet views? Fine, you’re stealing a guy who is clearly marketing the Gospel of God’s grace for sinners who will repent and turn to him. I don’t mind having Gospel content stolen! Now, if someone steals it and makes money off it then that’s another conversation which involves legal action, but as far as I know that has not happened and the likelihood of it happening is not great.
  3. I have no proof of any bad bot activity against my website anyways. every website has bot activity, and while we would all hope the activity is all good bots vs. bad bots the fact is I have no evidence of bad bot activity against my blog. The simple fact of the matter is that in a sinful world we deal with the constant threat of attacks on our security: bodily, emotionally, and yes technologically. I am not going to allow the possible threat of a malicious activity against me to keep me from producing Gospel material, so what am I going to do in response to my notice of a dramatic increase in bot activity on TCD? I’m going to keep writing! And I’ll even leverage my increase in website views to make the Gospel even more explicit in reaching to people.

If in the future I have proof of malicious activity against TCD then I will re-examine my stance, but as for now I’m going to keep on going and you don’t need to worry about visiting TCD, because as I’ve already written, each site you go to is already being visited by more bots than actual humans, so if you are looking to be on a website that isn’t overrun by bots well then you’d just have to get off the internet altogether.

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